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Electromagnetic heating technology to produce woven bags

Number of visits: Date:2015-11-10

     Woven bags plant in the production of bags, you can use electromagnetic heating technology, here we take a look at this knowledge.
     By electromagnetic Full itself does not heat, so no outward heat loss, thermal efficiency can reach 98%, combined with nano-magnetic field oriented synthetic materials and the application of high side magnetic field leakage material, such electromagnetic full lines of magnetic force is evenly distributed over the pipeline, heating temperature uniformity and no leakage magnetic field, helping improve the thermal efficiency. And according to the specific strong mad bags in external thermal insulation material wrapped in a cylinder of a certain thickness, thus greatly reducing heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency, energy-saving effect is very significant.
     Application of electromagnetic heating technology, making the bags has lower costs, better quality, while making the production of woven bags production equipment last longer, faster heating rates, no need for maintenance.

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