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Flat yarn production process on the flat film bags

Number of visits: Date:2015-11-10

     Woven bags plant in the production process of flat film bags, flat step is very important, the following small series to tell you about the knowledge:
     In the process of mixing the ingredients, the wet materials must be dried in order to avoid a rupture; in the extrusion process, according to the type of raw materials, regulating and controlling the feed zone, melting zone, leveling section, the temperature of the die segments; in the drawing process, depending on the woven products given different draft ratio, flat tensile strength not only to draft ratio, but also to draw temperature, raw materials and other related species; in the setting step, the setting temperature can not too high, so as not to reduce the flat wire tensile strength; in the winding process, the winding of flat wire to obtain a uniform tension, in order to make spindles smooth, can not afford to cover.
     In the flat film bags last step, adjust the tension is the key, I hope you can understand this in knowledge.

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