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Appearance quality requirements for plastic bags

Number of visits: Date:2015-11-10

     Plastic bags plastic bags factory polypropylene resin as the main raw material, extrusion, stretching into the flat, and then by weaving, bag made of.
     In appearance quality, plastic bags may not have broken weft yarn shortage, folding wire, wrinkles and other phenomena, silk surface shiny and smooth. When suturing, are not allowed off the needle, broken, oblique seam, roll off and other phenomena, neat seam, the seam line no longer than the central slot. Neat layout logo printing clear, bright color, font standards in line with the sample bags and bags may not have significant oil or ink stains. If the inner bag is to use high-quality raw materials to produce new white polyethylene transparent bags, without air bubbles, watermarks, rupture, piercing and other ills, have good tension and physical function, does not allow the use of recycled materials.
     In addition, the hardness of the plastic bags must meet the requirements of automatic packaging machines, in the canned urea sure that the upper straight effect.

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