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Choose to use plastic bags reasons

Number of visits: Date:2015-11-10

     Plastic bags factory ships with secondary materials or materials used to make production processes, to note that the new material and old material produced by the product, the quality is significantly different.
     We all know that the weight of cement, and cement will hurt the body damage the skin, so we use plastic bags, not only can achieve loading and unloading, as well as isolated, prohibit airborne prevent a threat to humans. We can choose to use plastic bags loaded up the food to prevent food from moisture, rot, but also help move food and photosynthesis, and prevent rat bite. Chemical raw materials for a huge contribution to society, we have to pay attention to the presence of chemical raw materials, we can not put it in a box, not on the shop floor, we can not put in the sun exposure, wind and rain can not, so we need to use plastic bags.
     If the cement is loaded with plastic bags, with the new material is not required, so the choice of new materials do or do two materials, according to their own circumstances.

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